Health Benefits of Cucumber

What happens to your body if you start eating 1 cucumber everyday? 

Cucumbers are one of the wonder fruits of nature― and indeed, fruit, I said. Although others consider it as a vegetable, as it grows out of a flower and holds the plant's seeds, but cucumber is actually a fruit. Apart from logistics, cucumbers have enormous health benefits and you may want to add them to your everyday diet. Here is why:
Health benefits of cucumber

  • You'll get more hydration 

It's a well-known fact that without water the body can not function. By washing out contaminants, the water cleanses the body. It also facilitates the transfer of essential nutrients through the body and hydrates the skin and bone to hold it at 98.6 degree temperature. Yet some people don't know that 40% of their everyday water intake is from food, which is where fruits like cucumbers come in. Cucumbers are typically 95% water. And if you eat a cucumber, you're basically eating and drinking at the same time. 

  • You will get the nutrients you need 

Cucumbers are low in calories yielding between 15-17 calories in one medium sized cucumber. But, this low-calorie fruit is packed with nutrients like fiber, carbs, protein, Vitamins C, K and B, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, riboflavin, and magnesium. But don't peel it if you want to keep these nutrients. Many of the nutrients are contained in the outer layer, especially the fiber.

  • Reduce the effects of a hangover

If you had a little too much to drink over the weekend, and need to function come Monday, eat a cucumber. While studies have found that vegetable juice in general is a good remedy for the after effects of drinking too much, a popular health blog claims that cucumbers are key.
YouBeauty claims that if you snack on a few cucumbers before bed, it will to help your body deal with alcohol, citing the detoxifying and electrolyte balancing effects of the cukes. The site added that the popular cucumber-on-the-eyes will reduce dark circles so you don’t even look like you drank too much.

  • Weight loss

Due to the cucumber’s low calorie, high nutrient and water content, cucumbers help keep the bulk of what you’re consuming down, while keeping you full. Research shows that people who consume foods with a greater water content lost more weight than diets with less water. In fact, a study conducted by the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise found that Drinking water increases the amount of calories you burn, which is known as resting energy expenditure.

By replacing high calorie side dishes with cucumbers, you will likely see a positive shift in your weight loss efforts.

  • Breath Fresheners

Cucumbers are natural breath fresheners. Due to the phytochemicals that help the cucumbers protect themselves from harmful substances while on the vine, it can also thwart off harmful bacteria in your mouth. Simply hold a slice of cucumber on the roof of your mouth with your tongue for 30 seconds to kill the bacteria and cool the mouth. 

  • You will lower your blood sugar

Cucumbers include many antioxidants, including vitamin C, beta carotene, manganese, and flavonoids and lignans, which mitigate oxidative stress, which results in lowering of bad cholesterol and blood sugar. These are polyphenols that minimize blood sugar.

Web-MD states that polyphenol intake is similar to other diabetes prescription products. These drugs can not only help but also help avoid diabetes.

  • Reduce Stress

Cumbers containing various B-vitamins, including vitamin B1, vitamin B5 and vitamin B7, are believed to help relieve anxiety and other negative symptoms caused by life pressures.
That is mainly because of the ability of the B vitamins to produce energy. Vitamins of B are essential vitamins that water soluble and play a crucial role in metabolism, including the processing of food and other body resources. 

  • Your hair, nails and skin will improve

The vitamins A, B, C, K, manganese, copper and potassium contained in cucumbers support a healthy immunity system and support your body. And when your body and immune systems are healthy, their hair, nails and skin are often more reflective.
Moreover, silica-rich cucumbers are required for the development of strong connective tissue health. The contents of sulfur also contribute to the quick and strong growth of hair. The Huntington College of Health Sciences has published a paper which states that sulfur is capable of forming strong bands that contribute to the strength of healthy hair. Sulfur-containing methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM) is also required for keratin formation in nails, skin, and hair.

  • Improves Digestion

Let's talk about digestion, move our way down the body. The cucumbers are high in water and fiber, as mentioned at the beginning of this article. These two essential nutrients together help to move food through the body, promote good bacteria in the intestines, regulate bowel movements, prevent constipation and keep it regular.

  • Your cardiac health improves

The potassium in cucumbers will help your heart's health if you eat these green fruit. It is widely known that potassium levels are used to aid blood filtering of muscles and nerves and kidney, thereby making the heart move smoother and healthier blood through the body.
By contrast, too little potassium can contribute to cardiovascular disease, research has found. Eat the cucumbers, then.

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  1. Well done about the benefits ! Not many people know about cucumbers!

  2. Cucumber is no doubt a gem vegetables it is high in water and low in calories... And that is why even doctor suggest to have it daily especially in summers

  3. I love eating cucumbers. I didn't know they had all these benefits, thanks!

  4. I love cucumber and I always eat it as a fiber in my meals. I was not aware of so many benefits.

  5. Amazing article. I learned something new today 😁. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  6. is natural source of nutrients..
    Keep writing about natural thing

  7. I eat 1 cucumber daily in pre meal salads. Knowing the health benefits, I am thinking to increase that but I guess eating in excess won't be good either.

  8. I love eating cucumbers! I love to dip them in miso as it is very popular to eat it like this here in japan.

  9. I love cucumber. I put it in my water, salads, I make little sandwiches out of them. I love knowing the benefits of one of my favorite foods.

  10. Thank you for the tips on cucumbers. I have always loved cucumbers but I never looked into the health benefits.

  11. I try and eat cucumber almost every day! This is a great post to remind me why it's so important! Thanks!!

  12. I didn't know that cucumbers had so many benefits for the health. I know they are great sources of water and vitamins.

  13. I love cucumbers!! I just got me some yesterday actually lol I didnt know it had all these benefits!

  14. This article made me hungry for cucumbers. I didn't know they had so many health benefits, but I do love to eat them! Especially the smaller crunchy ones. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I love cucumber for vegetable salad and for my detoxy drink it has a lot of great benefits to our body! Great facts!

  16. I love cucumbers! I actually eat a lot of them but never realized all the health benefits associated with them.

  17. Nice! Another amazing article from you. As usual I learned something new from it. Thanks a bunch! :)

  18. Although I dont like cucumber, it was good to know that it has so many benefits.

  19. I never knew of all of these benefits! I definitely need to add more cucumbers into my diet.

  20. I’m not a big fan of cucumber no matter how great of a benefit and how much of a benefit that it brings. I just don’t like the taste of it. The most I would do is put it on my face To relieve puffiness lol

  21. My husband absolutely loves cucumbers so it's great to know how beneficial they are. I like putting them in water.

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