Does Social Distancing helps to Combat Coronavirus?

Social Distancing 

Social distancing is a public health measure known to help stop or slow the spread of infectious diseases. This is especially important with COVID-19 because even those who do not show signs of illness may be sick and can spread the virus.  


Ways to Social Distance Include: 

  • Closing schools and moving to distance learning
  • Working from home
  • Postponing or cancelling social events and travel
  • Maintaining a physical distance of at least 2 meters between other people. 
social distancing helps to stop or slow down coronavirus
If we stay at home and limit contact with others, we will slow the spread of COVID-19.

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  1. Well... It's written flawlessly and its literally helpful and fascinating.. keep it up

  2. social distance is the most important precaution I really like it. give more information about it ...

  3. Amazing message!!!! There is a lot of misinformation around, this is great...Sharing it to my network.

  4. Social distancing is the only way for now to help curb this virus

  5. Social distancing is so important. I have not left my house in 2 weeks.

  6. I guess so. I watched a documentary in Netflix that so many years ago when America was hit by a virus and this was what they did to contain it. So in a way, I guess, it flatten the curve.

  7. I really belive this social distancing helps!

  8. There's data coming out that the social distancing measures that cities and states here in the US are having a positive effect. Also, just common sense would suggest that it does help. When you don't interact with others, there's no chance of spreading the virus.

  9. Now if we can only get everyone to maintain the social distancing instead of having group events.

  10. This is such a helpful fact that people must need to know and must need to follow. COVID19 virus is not a joke, it's already killed and infected a lot of people so I hope that all us follow the advice of all Frontliners and our Authorities by this way we already help them to avoid the spread of this virus.

  11. social distancing is so important, I havent been outside much except to run my dog.

  12. Definitely, the distancing from others and protecting your face, washing the hands, disinfecting the often used items – all are a valid reason to slow down the virus.

  13. Stay at home is one of the best example of social distancing nice post!

  14. My niece's new session was to be started by now but due to the lockdown schools haven't opened yet and gladly satellite classes are on. All in one app. So, that is another great initiative to maintain social distance and combat the virus.

  15. Yes, For the time being this is the only solution we have to avoid covid19.

  16. Definitely social Distancing is need of an hour. We should all fight together

  17. Definitely helpful. If the government did not implement social distancing, a lot more people would have surely died.

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