7 Great Instagram Plugins for Sharing Your Feed

In the last decade, Instagram went from startup to social media behemoth. Over one billion people use the platform every month, with users spending an average of 53 minutes on it per day. With the right Instagram plugin, you can bring even more people over to your feed via your WordPress website.

For this article, we’re going to introduce you to seven of the best Instagram plugins to share your posts in WordPress. First, let’s talk about why you might want to show off your feed on your site.

Here we go!

Ultimately, all of these plugins enable you to share your Instagram feed, but each of them does so in a different way. We’ll introduce them in no particular order and talk about what each tool does best.

1. Social Feed Gallery

Social Feed Gallery is an Instagram plugin that offers a lot of options when it comes to customization. You can use it to link multiple profiles and set up unique feeds for each of them.
Social Feed Gallery
Each feed receives its own shortcode, and you can choose from four different styles to showcase your photos. Regardless of which type of gallery you use, you get to choose how many posts to display and the number of columns.

Moreover, Social Feed Gallery enables you to limit your feed in WordPress to posts that use specific hashtags. This is a handy feature if you only want to share some of your content on WordPress and not your entire Instagram backlog.

Finally, Social Feed Gallery doesn’t force you to go through a complex authentication process. Linking an account only requires you to confirm that you give the plugin access to it.

Key Features:

  • Connect multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Receive unique shortcodes for each account’s feed.
  • Choose from four gallery styles for your feeds and customize the number of pictures they display.
  • Use hashtags to specify which posts to include in your feed.

2. 10Web Social Photo Feed
Instagram Plugin

10Web Social Photo Feed is a fantastic Instagram plugin if you have a huge backlog of posts. You can use it to set up a feed where users can browse through your photos using a category system based on hashtags.

This approach works perfectly if you want to use your Instagram feed to show off your portfolio or as a replacement for a full-blown image gallery. 10web also enables you to choose from two different styles for your display and includes lightbox functionality.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more selective approach to which images you display, this plugin includes a conditional filtering system. Using it, you can choose precisely which photos will show up on your website.

Additional features include transition effects for your feed images, social sharing buttons, and the option to show Instagram comments within your lightbox displays.

Key Features:

  • Add multiple categories to enable users to sort images.
  • Choose between two unique themes for your Instagram feed.
  • Restrict which images appear on your website.
  • Add transition and lightbox effects for your images.
  • Show up-to-date comments with your Instagram posts.

3. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed
Instagram plugin

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed is one of the only plugins that enables you to combine posts from multiple Instagram accounts in a single feed. This feature is perfect for news or niche sites where you want to show your visitors the latest happenings.

On top of that, Smash Balloon also gives you full control over your feed’s appearance. You can choose from multiple preset image sizes and manually configure the width, height, and number of photos in your feed. This plugin even lets you add a background image, which is another feature that’s rather unique.

Using Smash Balloon lets you add a Load More button to the bottom of your feed so visitors can keep browsing as far back as they like. Plus, it also enables you to add custom CSS and JavaScript to each feed.

Key Features:

  • Combine multiple accounts within a single feed.
  • Customize every aspect of your feed’s style, from width and height to its background.
  • Add custom CSS and JavaScript to your feeds.
  • Add a Load More button to the bottom of your feed.

4. Spotlight – Social Photo Feeds

Out of all the Instagram plugins we’ve talked about so far, Spotlight is the only one that lets you forget you’re looking at a feed. You can use it to display posts in a way that makes them look like any other image gallery on your site.
Instagram plugin

This approach is perfect if you want to use Instagram to display images instead of uploading them to your site. As we mentioned earlier, this can help you cut down on your loading times and free up resources.

If that’s not your cup of tea, you can also add an account header to your feed and a separate Follow button. On top of those options, Spotlight lets you customize every aspect of your feed, including post order, the number of columns, width, height, padding, and even text size.

Using this plugin, you can connect multiple accounts to your site and display feeds either using shortcodes or through widgets.

Key Features:

  • Publish minimalist feeds without Instagram branding elements.
  • Customize your feed’s appearance.
  • Connect multiple accounts to your website.
  • Display feeds using shortcodes or widgets.

5. Feed Them Social
Instagram plugin

Feed Them Social isn’t just an Instagram feed plugin. With this tool, you can share content from multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and of course, Instagram.

If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all plugin to integrate your social media profiles with your WordPress site, this is it. The only downside is that Feed Them Social doesn’t offer many customization options for your feeds. In fact, you can only change font colors.

That said, its Instagram feeds use a simple gallery design that should mesh well with most themes. You can also include a Load More button, which lets visitors keep browsing through your images without leaving your site.

Key Features:

  • Share feeds from multiple social media platforms.
  • Customize your feed’s font colors.
  • Use shortcodes to embed feeds anywhere you want.
  • Include a Load More button for your Instagram feed.

6. WPZOOM Social Feed Widget
Instagram plugin

If you’re looking for a no-fuss Instagram feed plugin, WPZOOM Social Feed Widget is an excellent option. As its name implies, it relies entirely on widgets to enable you to share your Instagram posts.

You gain access to multiple feed styles and you can place the widget in any location your theme provides. This plugin also comes with some basic customization options, including how many columns you want to include, how many images to show, and more.

Key Features:

  • Use widgets to share your Instagram feed.
  • Customize your feed’s appearance.

7. Social Slider Widget
Intagram plugin

Social Slider Widget is another Instagram plugin that knocks it out of the park when it comes to customization. Using this plugin, you can connect as many accounts as you want and display feeds using both widgets and shortcodes.

With Social Slider Widget, you can choose from seven different layouts to display your feeds, including sliding galleries. Plus, every style enables you to customize options such as how many posts to display and in which order. You can sort images by date, popularity, or randomly.

Key Features:

  • Connect multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Display feeds using widgets and shortcodes.
  • Choose from seven fully-customizable feed styles.
  • Sort feed images by date, popularity, or randomly.


Ideally, your Instagram feed should help you promote your website and vice versa. Publishing content on social media is easy enough, but sharing your posts on your WordPress site requires a little extra work and help from a quality plugin.

If you want access to as many customization options as possible for your Instagram feed, Social Slider Widget and Social Feed Gallery are our top suggestions. For massive accounts with thousands of images, we recommend 10Web Social Photo Feed. Finally, if you’re looking for a no-frills solution, WPZoom Social Feed Widget won’t disappoint.


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