Beverages That Could Damage Your Smile

Many of the things you drink can have a major impact on your health from the moment it enters your mouth. Here are some popular beverages that you want to be careful around.

1. Wine

beveragesYou might have heard that red wine can stain your teeth, but white wine isn’t much better. That’s because white wine tends to be highly acidic, meaning it wears down the enamel faster. Not only does this leave your teeth vulnerable to stains, but it also makes them more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. That said, you can pair your wine with cheese to lower the damage caused by the acid.

2. Soda

soft drinks, cokeSoft drinks are a pretty poor choice for your health in general, and your teeth are no exception. You might think a sugar-free soda will be better for your smile, but studies have found that it doesn’t really make a difference. It’s the high acidity of the beverage itself that will do a number on your enamel in the long run. That said, some soft drinks are less harmful than others; root beer, for example, has been found to be relatively safe for your teeth (although obviously you’ll still need to limit how much you’re consuming).

3. Fruit Juice

sugary juices, healthFruit may be good for your body in general, but it’s a different story when it’s in juice form! Most of the fruit juice you buy at the store is concentrated, and as a result the teeth are exposed to much more acid than if you just ate regular fruit. It doesn’t help that many fruit juices also contain high levels of sugar. You can mitigate some of the damage done by fruit juice by diluting it with about 50 percent water.

4. Coffee 

black coffee, cup of joeCoffee is rather infamous among dentists for staining teeth, and the cream and sugar that’s usually added can naturally increase the risk of tooth decay. That said, one study did find that drinking plain coffee might help prevent cavities. So if you want to do your pearly whites more good than harm with your daily cup of Joe, skip the sugar and rinse with water afterwards. 

5. Alcoholic Drinks

alcohol, beveragesSurprisingly, alcohol won’t do any direct damage to your teeth. However, it does tend to dry out the mouth, leaving less saliva to remove the plaque and bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. That’s why it’s important to have plenty of water on hand whenever you’re enjoying a beer. You don’t have to give up your favorite beverages, but it’s important to drink them in moderation; swishing with water can also help. Take the right precautions so that you can enjoy your drink as well as a healthy grin. 


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  2. Good to know that I'm doing the right thing by not having any of the above regularly. Just juice and alcohol rarely.

  3. Besides soda I am consuming all the above, and its scary to know the adverse effect I am letting them do to my teeth. Gotta cut down my consumption of these.

  4. Great article which is a massage to all of youngsters those are not careing of them. I will share your artocle on my social media platform

  5. Soda is something that I totally avoid, it is extremely bad for health and teeth. This is a good informative post

  6. I avoid most of them except Coffee. Coffee is something that I can never leave :( .

  7. Useful information. Thanks for sharing


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